new insights for wetland management

Global Coastal Wetlands Index Web App

Global status of coastal wetlands to inform conservation and management

Researchers from all around the world have been recording a wide range of data on the world’s coastal wetlands for decades. For the first time we have brought these global data sets together. We have analysed this data and can now see how our coastal wetlands are faring and where they may be in trouble using our web app.


Automated analysis of underwater video

FishID is an online platform that automates the analysis of underwater video. It’s sophisticated software designed for ease of use in providing actionable data from aquatic ecosystem monitoring. FishID can detect a target species, count the number of fish, look at their movement and behaviour.

Blue Forest Data Explorer

Blue Forests Data Explorer

The purpose of this tool is to help identify opportunities for conserving blue forests: mangroves, seagrass, saltmarsh, and kelp forests.

Explore global data on their extent, threats and values.

Target Setting for Conservation of Mangroves and Seagrass Web App

Protecting and restoring ‘blue carbon’ ecosystems

We paired ecosystem surveillance with maths to estimate global recovery of seagrass and mangrove ecosystems. Explore through out web app the ambitious targets nations can set to restore and protect.

Moreton Bay LIVE

Broadcasting the underwater world

Using cutting edge, deep learning technology, Moreton Bay LIVE automates analysis of underwater video footage in real time, while collecting and storing ecological data for research. Moreton Bay LIVE aims to showcase the rich marine life found in Moreton Bay, giving a fisheye view of life beneath the waves.

Mangrove Carbon Web App

Estimate real emissions from mangrove loss

Mangroves have among the highest carbon densities of any tropical forest. Much of this carbon is stored in the soils beneath the trees, a stock of carbon that was historically overlooked in national carbon accounts. The Mangrove Carbon Web App is designed to help you explore the contribution of mangrove protection to mitigating emissions. 

Coastal Marine Megafauna Web App

Which megafauna use coastal wetlands in your country? 

Emerging research and novel methodologies have unveiled important, previously unknown habitat associations between marine megafauna and these habitats. In the Coastal marine megafauna web app we identify associations for over 100 marine megafauna species that utilise these habitats.